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Dr Apody has been my dentist for the past 30 years. Before I met him I was deathly afraid of dentists. Before being referred to Les my prior dental appointments caused me to have sleepless nights just worrying about seeing the dentist.I always knew I would leave in pain and I never relished that. However, my life changed the day I first sat in Les's dentist chair. From that day until today, more than thirty years ago, I can honestly say I have NEVER walked out of the office in pain. Even after I have extensive work done it is not painful ever. I have no idea how he does it but Dr. Apody's technique is simply pain free and flawless. Now, I don't lose sleep before my dental appointments. In fact, I actually look forward to seeing my dentist friend Dr. Apody
Peter E
Calabasas, Ca

I have been a patient of Dr. Apody since 1987. I have been a loyal patient due to his professionalism, high quality work and warm, personal touch. He also has a great staff. Although over the years I have moved 20 miles away, I couldn't think of having another dentist.
Pam O
Agoura Hills

Dr. Apody has saved several of my teeth that others wanted to extract. I now live out of town and will drive into the city just to have him work on my teeth
Paul S
Monterey , Ca

Hi Dr. Apody,
I just found out that I am your oldest patient-not necessarily in age, but in seniority. Wow! We've been together since 1981 and I was with your previous colleague since 1966. My wife has been with you almost as long. Do you know why? It's because I actually look forward to each visit. No kidding. You're a great guy. You love what you do. You care. And each person on your staff is a jewel. I'm happy with my mouth, too. Thanks for everything- let's keep it going.
Saul J
Canoga Park, Ca